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Iron Gym

HAND GRIP (Set of 2)

HAND GRIP (Set of 2)

Training with the IRON GYM® Hand Grip increases strength of your arms, hands & wrist muscles. IRON GYM® Hand Grip exerciser has durable handles and resistance springs to increase the power especially on the forearm muscles and the hand grip.

Enhance performance in sports such as weight lifting, fight sports, rock climbing, golf, tennis.

Perfect for all fitness levels!

Grip strength is very important especially in martial arts and weight lifting. Don’t let your grip strength be a barrier in your development. With Hand Grips by IRON GYM you are able to develop your grip strength fast!


  • Increase finger, hand, wrist and forearm strength fast!
  • Perfect for MMA, rock climbing, bodybuilding, golf, tennis, rehabilitation and many more.


  • Pair of hand grips
  • Rubberized non-slip grips are designed to fit hands of all sizes
  • Perfect for all fitness levels!
  • Durable, lightweight, compact and portable


  • Original IRON GYM Product - Accept No Imitations!
  • Rubberized Anti-Slip Grips

What’s in the box:

  • IRON GYM® Hand Grip – set of 2
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