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Iron Gym

Adjustable Chin Up Bar

Adjustable Chin Up Bar

IRON GYM® CHIN UP BAR is essential home training equipment. Adjustable construction enables the chin up bar to be fitted into any standard door frame. Allowing you to strengthen and tone your biceps, back muscles, arms, shoulders and abs.

Importance of pulling exercises

Including pulling exercises to your training program is essential for gaining balanced physique, that has reduced risk of injury. Pulling exercises are often neglected by easier to perform pushing exercises. Strengthening backside / pulling muscles is important in achieving muscular balance, and healthy posture, especially for one who sits, travels, and drives a lot, so get your chin up bar now!

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Perfect for all fitness levels!


  • Adjustable: Fits 63 - 90 cm wide door frames
  • Mounting Brackets Included


  • Premium Quality Full Length Rubber Grip
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction

Chin up bar is the number one home training item. For many of us, the first contact in home training has been the chin up bar, which is fitted securely in to doorway. You see the bar, and you feel the urge to touch it, and hang, maybe perform few chin ups, when walking by.

For households with children, chin up bar is the best option to provide children as well as the adults an easy to access training equipment. Children like to hang on the bar, and even though they could not perform a full chin up, they are still strengthening their critical back and arm muscles, securing healthier physique for the future.


  • Original IRON GYM Product - Accept No Imitations!
  • Mounting Brackets - For secure use!
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Construction - Tensile and torque tested!

What is in the box:

  • Original IRON GYM Chin Up -bar
  • Manual in 24 languages
  • Mounting Brackets (Set of 2) with hardware


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